Bonzo's Bits


I’m very excited to be doing new shows. UNDERWATER ADVENTURES and HIGHLAND FLING are both great fun. I get to recite poetry in ‘Highland Fling’ and in ‘Underwater Adventures’ you may find out what I’ve been up to when I went swimming. It’s so nice to start new tours as I love seeing everyone and they love seeing me obviously. Hopefully I’ll see you at some point this year. If I do, I’ll give you a wave.

It’s the Easter Holidays!!! I’m very excited about Easter as it means I get eggs. I love eggs, but I’m not allowed chocolate so Anya always gets me a special egg made of cheese. Yummy! The smellier the better. Maybe I should call it a Cheester Egg. Kevin gets me an egg made from mince. I love mince. ¬†And tatties. And Barry gets me real eggs. He doesn’t even paint them first…or wrap them in sausage meat! Mmmmm Scotch Eggs…. Anyway, Larry just gives me a box of eggs. It’s good for my coat I suppose. Keeps it nice and shiny. Hope you all have a lovely Easter and be nice to each other.

See you soon everybody

B x