Bonzo's Bits



I love these Summer nights. It’s so light at night and great for my late night walks. Tonight I saw a badger as I walked through the park. I will call him Trevor. He seemed a friendly chap and said a hello as he snuffled in the undergrowth. I think he was looking for worms. Bleurgh!!! What’s wrong with Pot Noodles?

It’s hard to believe it will soon be Midsummer’s Day and the nights will start drawing in again. Dark nights mean snuggly fires and cocoa. And then Christmas. I LOVE Christmas. All that lovely food. I love Summer too – all that lovely food! Especially barbecues. I think they are brill. And toasting marshmallows round a fire. Marshmallows are my favourite at the moment.

Look out for news of our Christmas tour coming soon. It’s going to be awesome! We’ve got some great venues coming up at Christmas time.

Meanwhile I’ve been busy with not only “Pirates and Princesses’ but also “Fancy Dress Fun”. It’s so nice to visit places I’ve not been to before – like Lanark. It was cool to see where my bestie; Anya is from. Anya showed me some of the places she went to when she was growing up. I even met her Mum, and she gave me some strawberries and ice cream. She is well cool!! I’m looking forward to seeing more of my adoring fans soon; like in Dundee and Irvine. Awesome!!!

It’s also been groovy meeting some of the fans who pledged in our Crowdfunder. I’ve been meeting them on backstage tours. I don’t often get to meet people who come to the show (I’m usually at the pie shop after the show), so this has been lovely. I am coming to the Crowdfunder’s Party in July too. I may buy a new hat specially. Hope there are sausages on sticks. And cake. And jelly. And more cake! I love cake. I’m also learning the Hokey Cokey. Not all of it, but I’m getting the ins and outs.

See you soon Funboxers

B x

p.s.  Q: How do you make an Octopus laugh?


A: With ten tickles