Bonzo's Bits


Who’s got snow? We’ve got loads; I love it! I’ve been sledging already. It was great fun, until I broke my sledge trying to do a jump over a ramp. So I borrowed, Gary’s. But I broke his too. I tried to borrow Anya’s, but she wouldn’t let me. Perhaps I can see why. So I used a kitchen tray. That was great and I used it like a snowboard. I went really fast though, and I crashed through a wooden fence. Oops. Don’t think Mr McCombie was very pleased with the Bonzo-shaped hole in it. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know it was me who did it though. Then I had a massive snowball fight with the neighbour’s cat. She won. Booo

I love drying out my fur and wrapping up cosy in front of the fire when I get home and having a nice hot cup of tea. I like to dunk biscuits in my tea, but I hate it when they go soggy and fall in. There’s a real knack to timing it just right.

My street had a power cut the other night so it was really dark. Luckily I have a big torch, so I wasn’t too scared…I mean, I wasn’t scared at all. I’m a big brave dog. I am! Only trouble is my alarm clock is electric and my alarm didn’t go off. I slept in till 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Missed breakfast and lunch. Boooo! Double dinner though. Hurrah!

Stay safe and cosy chums