Santa's Big Surprise

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Dates to be confirmed, check back soon for more details!

All Dates  & Times subject to change.


Funbox are delighted to bring to you a slightly different and socially distant Christmas offering this year. Gary, Anya, Kevin and Bonzo have decided to throw Santa a surprise party to say thank you for all the festive cheer he brings. But who’s on the guest list? Will Santa turn up? And what if the Hokey Cokey’s really what it’s all about?

With traditional Christmas songs like Jingle Bells and Christmas Cokey, exciting new festive Funbox singalongs and more silliness than you can shake a stocking at you won’t want to miss bringing SANTA’S BIG SURPRISE to your home this December!

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You don’t have to miss out either on your Funbox festive trip as we have a package for you to help bring Christmas cheer straight to your classrooms!  

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