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A fantastic SUPERHEROES bundle featuring the live show on DVD plus all the songs on a CD together

Join Anya, Gary, Kevin, Bonzo and those helpful Funsters; Fluffy and Flossie as they become Superheroes in their latest super singalong adventure. Will they find the missing keys?…Can they unlock the magical Funbox?…Who will they encounter on the way?…Did Bonzo find underpants that fit?… All these questions and more will be answered in this thrilling show.

Packed with mega singalong favourites like ‘Bunny Fou Fou’, ‘My Boy’s a Corker’ and ‘Leapfrog’ as well as brand new songs – it’s a fun-filled spectacular for the whole family. Grab your capes and masks, slip into your lycra onesie and summon your superpowers for SUPERHEROES with Funbox.

Filmed at The Lomond Auditorium, SECC Glasgow – Feb 14th 2016

The songs on this DVD are:

1    Superheroes
2   My Boy’s A Corker
3   1000 Green Bottles
4   Quartermaster’s Store
5   The Fly
6   Them Bones
7   Fly To The Sky
8   Bunny Fou Fou
9   Heroes Every Day
10  Birthday Bounce
11   Leapfrog
12  Superheroes Reprise

Running Time: 65mins

The tracks on the CD are:

1    FUNBOX Rhyme
3    My Boy’s A Corker
4    Quartermaster’s Store
5    Super B.O.N.Z.O.
6    The Fly
7    Bunny Fou Fou
8    Heroes Every Day
9    Birthday Bounce
10   Leapfrog

Bonus Tracks

11    Fancy Dress Fun
12    Bear Hunt
13    Katie Bairdie
14    Ally Ally O
15    Jack and Jill
16    The Music Man

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