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Funbox CD featuring all the songs from their show WINTER WONDERLAND – plus 4 fantastic bonus tracks

Join Anya, Gary, Kevin and their friends Bonzo the dog and Fairy Fran for their latest singalong CD packed with songs from their Winter show 2016/17. Perfect for singalongs in the car or to entertain little (and big) ones at home.

Unlock the box to release the fun

Songs on this CD are:

1      FUNBOX Rhyme
2      Wonderland Of Snow
3      Push The Damper In
4      Snowman At The Bottom Of The Garden
5      Penguin Holiday
6      North Pole B.O.N.Z.O.
7      Three Of A Christmas Kind
8      Oh Fran Came Back
9      Katie Bairdie
10    Birthday Bounce
11    The Freeze
12    Jingle Bells

Bonus Tracks
13    Animal Magic
14    Them Bones
15    3 Craws
16    I Love A Cup Of Tea

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