A New Website

Hi everyone and welcome to our brand new Funbox website for our brand new show.
We are so pleased to see you here on the FUNBOX website. We hope you’ll find out lots of cool stuff and also where and when you can come and see us. We are delighted with the response we’ve had already, thank you so much. Getting over a 1000 likes on facebook in less than 24hrs was incredible.  We love you all!

As this is a brand new company, and our first show will be coming in Spring next year, we will be able to bring you lots of info as it happens. We want you to join us on this adventure and share with you the process of bringing ‘Pirates and Princesses’ to the stage. You’ll be able to see behind the scenes and follow us step by step to our first performances on March 1st.

Anya, Kevin and Gary are so excited about FUNBOX and delighted at how supportive everyone has been. We want to keep you updated at all times and we want you to feel part of the fun. Join us here, on Facebook and twitter (and look out for us soon on Instagram). We want FUNBOX to be everywhere!

Bonzo the Dog will be joining us on our new adventures too and you can see what he’ll be getting up to as well with his Dog Blog.

We will keep you informed on new shows and appearances too, with any breaking news and details. And you can stay in touch too. Contact us on: We can’t wait to hear from you.

Anya, Gary & Kevin x

Find the keys, unlock the box and release the fun