Song Lyrics



Fly, fly, fly fly fly Superheroes
Fly like a rocket in the night
Run, Run, Run, run, run Superheroes
Faster than the speed of light
With spangly underpants
Your mask and cape
Biff, blam, Ka-pow!
No baddies will escape
Superheroes – defenders of the universe

Verse 1
To be a Superhero
You must be good and true
Looking after planet earth
It’s what you have to do
So what’s your superpower?
What outfit will you wear?
Hide your true identity
In Lycra if you dare

Verse 2
To be a superhero
You must be tough and strong
To face-up to the villains
You must know right from wrong
So don’t forget your manners
When you’re wearing your costume
Eat up all your veggies
And tidy up your room

Verse 3
To be a superhero
You must be bold and brave
Be as good as you can be
Show folks how to behave
So grab your hero outfit
And strike a superpose
You’re now a superhero
from your head down to your toes