Today we launched our crowd funding appeal (on to help us get Funbox on the road. Our first “Pirates & Princesses” show is at the SECC, Glasgow on March the 1st, and these special performances will be filmed to create our very first Funbox DVD. Filming a DVD is a costly endeavour and to help us cover the costs involved we’ve invited you; our amazing Funbox fans, to get involved and help us out. There are a series of ‘rewards’ that we think you’ll love, that mean you get something special back for donating to us.

We aim to raise £20,000 by Feb 20th and in just a few hours we are more than 30% there. However if we don’t reach, or pass, that target we don’t get a penny, and you don’t get your rewards. We are truly flabbergasted by the amazing support you’ve shown us already. You guys are the best. Some of the rewards are sold out already, and we are looking at possibly creating a couple of new tiers to satisfy demand.

If you feel you, or your friends, want to get involved and become a Funboxer, then click on the link at the top of the page. There’s a short video with Anya and Kevin (and some of our wee fans) that explains what we are trying to do, and all the details of the rewards are there too. Everything helps, and there is the option to make a small donation for no reward too. Check it out. There will be regular updates on Facebook and Twitter too

Thank you Funboxers!!!