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Hi everyone. This is my bit of the FUNBOX website, and in my opinion, its the coolest bit! Cos I am soooooo cooool!

You can find my favourite jokes and riddles, and I’ll keep you updated on what I’ve been up to and where I’ve been. As you probably know, I love my food – the weirder the better sometimes.  So I may post my favourite recipes. If you have any favourite recipes or things you like to eat, then share them with me too.

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Hi everybody, Bonzo here

You have probably seen that Anya, Kevin and Gary have started a thing to raise some pennies for Funbox. Cool idea. Wish I’d thought of it. I was too busy thinking about biscuits to be honest. I love biscuits, they are my favourite thing. Well, apart from pies. And walks. Oh, never mind…

Anyway, if you want help out and get involved click on the link above and see the video that Anya and Kevin did. It’s great. I love all the little Funboxers doing the rhyme. I better learn it too I suppose. Well done: Jessica, Grace, Angus, Beth, Aoifee, Michael, Logan, Emily, Taya, Daisy, Lyall, Emily, Talia and Romy. You are ace!

Click on the link and give us a paw, or a hand.




Who’s got snow? We’ve got loads; I love it! I’ve been sledging already. It was great fun, until I broke my sledge trying to do a jump over a ramp. So I borrowed, Gary’s. But I broke his too. I tried to borrow Anya’s, but she wouldn’t let me. Perhaps I can see why. So I used a kitchen tray. That was great and I used it like a snowboard. I went really fast though, and I crashed through a wooden fence. Oops. Don’t think Mr McCombie was very pleased with the Bonzo-shaped hole in it. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know it was me who did it though. Then I had a massive snowball fight with the neighbour’s cat. She won. Booo

I love drying out my fur and wrapping up cosy in front of the fire when I get home and having a nice hot cup of tea. I like to dunk biscuits in my tea, but I hate it when they go soggy and fall in. There’s a real knack to timing it just right.

My street had a power cut the other night so it was really dark. Luckily I have a big torch, so I wasn’t too scared…I mean, I wasn’t scared at all. I’m a big brave dog. I am! Only trouble is my alarm clock is electric and my alarm didn’t go off. I slept in till 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Missed breakfast and lunch. Boooo! Double dinner though. Hurrah!

Stay safe and cosy chums