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Hi everyone. This is my bit of the FUNBOX website, and in my opinion, its the coolest bit! Cos I am soooooo cooool!

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Hi there

I love a bit of trivia (QI is my favourite TV show), so ahead of our ROCKING ALL OVER THE WORLD shows at The Village Theatre in East Kilbride this Saturday here are my top 5 facts about the town:

1 East Kilbride is Scotland’s 6th largest settlement with over 74,000 residents. That’s a lot of people. I wonder how many dogs there are? Or cats for that matter?

2 It’s sometimes called Polo Mint City because of all its roundabouts. It does have a lot of roundabouts – I sometimes feel a bit sick driving round them. The band Texas even had a song called ‘Polo Mint City’ on their 1997 album ‘White On Blonde’

3 East Kilbride is twinned with the Danish town Ballerup near wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen. I have never been to Denmark. I like their bacon though

4 People have lived in the area since the late Neolithic to Early Bronze Age (they must be very old now) but in the late 1940’s it became Scotland’s first ‘new town’. Other new towns include, Glenrothes, Cumbernauld and Irvine. They have lots of roundabouts too.

5 Lots of famous people were born in East Kilbride including journalists Kirsty Young and Muriel Gray, pop star Roddy Frame and actresses Blythe Duff, Julie Wilson Nimmo and Kate Dickie. Others who have lived there include Lorraine Kelly, John Hannah, Sir Alex Ferguson and our very own Anya!

Look out for more fabulous facts soon




With the lighter evenings it looks like Spring might be just around the corner – though I’m getting fed up of all this snow!!! Even though things smell better in the snow. Trust me I’m a dog – I know these things

It’s so nice to be back on the road with not one, but two new shows starting their tours. In DINOSAUR SAFARI I get to help out and look for giant juicy bones – yum yum. Hope I dig up a whopper. Oh and I’ve got a new dino-pal. You have to meet her, she’s very cute. And in ROCKING ALL OVER THE WORLD I get to be the coolest canine rapper. I’ve even got a new song – which I wrote myself – and I happen to think it’s the greatest song evah!!! Not even lying. It’s cool. In fact, it’s cooler than cool. It’s so cool I have to keep it in the fridge – next to the fish fingers, the arctic roll and the ice lollies. 

Hope you all had a great Easter and didn’t eat too much chocolate. Being a dog I’m not allowed chocolate. It’s bad for me apparently and Anya says I’m not to eat it. Booooo. She got me a special egg for Easter just for dogs. It was super TASTY!!!! It even had a mini chew bone in the middle. How groovy is that? 

Hopefully I’ll see you at one of our shows soon. We can roar and stomp or rock out together. Stay cool