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Language Ambassadors

Funbox are delighted to tell you that Anya, Gary and Kevin have been invited by Education Scotland to become Scot’s Language Ambassadors. We will be working with an assigned school to encourage the exploration of Scots in everyday use and how it has evolved and developed. We think the use of songs and rhymes is an excellent… Read more »

Bonzo Goes Online

Welcome to my first Funbox blog. A dog blog! Ha ha, that sounds funny. Dog Blog! I’ll try and bring you all my news as it happens, and stories of places I go and people I meet. I’m really looking forward to new adventures with Kevin, Gary and my best friend Anya, in FUNBOX next… Read more »

A New Website

Hi everyone and welcome to our brand new Funbox website for our brand new show. We are so pleased to see you here on the FUNBOX website. We hope you’ll find out lots of cool stuff and also where and when you can come and see us. We are delighted with the response we’ve had… Read more »