All About Anya

  • Anya is from Lanark
  • She can play lots of instruments too, including guitar, piano and saxophone
  • She loves the colour pink
  • Anya’s birthday is October the 7th
  • Anya loves a nice mug of tea (with lots of milk – which must go in the cup first)
  • Her favourite shoes are Converse
  • She loves pretty dresses but can be a tomboy too
  • She loves animals and has a Pug dog called Seymour.
  • Anya loves playing Nintendo
  • Her first part was playing ‘The Turkey’ in the school Nativity and she can still remember her one and only line!
  • Did you know Anya was a trained lifeguard and survival coach?

Anya Scott-Rodgers – Musician/Writer/Singer/Performer: Born and raised in Lanark, and a graduate of Glasgow University, Reid Kerr College and Glasgow Nautical College. Joined the Singing Kettle in 2013, bringing a wealth of experience gained in theatre and performing. She was well used to performing to children having been a member of Baldy Bane Theatre Company for several years. Anya’s infectious enthusiasm and energy have endeared her to children and adults alike. Anya can also play several instruments and often plays guitar in the show.

Anya lives in Biggar, is married to Stuart and has a Pug called Seymour. Anya and Stuart are now the proud parents of a little girl.